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Whether your book is already written or still in the planning stage, we can help you realize your dream.

Did you know that 78% of books published today are self-published? From concept to a finished product available for distribution worldwide via print or digital formats, we are available to help with all your self-publishing needs.

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Major Advantages of Self-Publishing:

Turnaround Time.  If your book is already written we can have your book printed and ready to sell within weeks.  Traditional publishers take 18–24 months from contract signing to printing your book.

Control.  You make all the decisions about the content and design of your book.

Rights.  You, as the author, retain all rights, including foreign-language rights, e-book rights, movie rights and television rights.

Financial Opportunity.  Self-publishing is all about investing in yourself.

Niche Market.  Traditional publishers must sell a certain quantity of books to be profitable. They usually do not publish books written for small niche audiences.

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