Writing and Editing Services

Proofreading: Corrects indisputable errors only: Checks for misspellings, typos, incorrect punctuation, incorrect grammar, such as subject-verb agreement, errors in word usage, and such. 8–10 manuscript pages/hour: $35/hour.

Copyediting: Checks style and consistency: Proofreads, but also watches formatting, such as consistency in titles, subsection titles, typeface and type style (italic, bold), and parallel construction in lists and headings. Fact-checks for what should be commonly understood information. Makes sure the manuscript conforms to whatever style guide the publisher expects (e.g., AMA, APA, AP, or Chicago). Cross-checks citations with reference list, figures and tables. Suggests improvements in syntax for clarity and logical flow, but only queries the author, doesn't substantively change content. 5–7 manuscript pages/hour: $45/hour.

Substantive Editing: Clarifies, tightens and polishes: Performs all of the previous, but also makes relatively minor changes or recommends what to delete, rearrange, reword, or rephrase to eliminate potential confusion, wordiness, triteness, and inappropriate or confusing jargon or made-up words. Queries the author about apparent gaps or contradictions in information and issues inadvertently raised but not addressed by the author. Polishes the prose by suggesting clearer phrasing, smoother, better flow of ideas. May fine-tune copy by multiple authors so it achieves a more consistent voice. 1–6 manuscript pages/hour: $60/hour.

Developmental Editing: Helps develop the article, report, or book: Works with the author from the idea, raw material, or early draft stage to help develop the manuscript; advises on organization of material and format, perhaps proposing supplemental material, including appendices, graphics, photos, tables, charts or figures. Likely to suggest revisions and rewrite or rearrange sections but does not necessarily proofread or copyedit. 1–5 manuscript pages/hour: $75/hour.

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